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Certificate Program - Financial Transparency for Healthcare Organizations
From 26/12/2010    To: 10/05/2011
The progam was to enable and teach the participants in the following aspects:
• Understand the importance of transparency to improve processes of hospitals and its on financial health for the organization
• Understand the basic elements of the hospital control environment and the importance of transparency to strengthen this environment
• Understand the right of the shareholders and stakeholders of the hospitals and the information they need to know
• Understand the basics of finance in hospitals including cost containment and pricing and what kind of financial information should be disclosed and how
• Understand the role of information in strategy and decision making
• Understand components of annual reporting with special focus on online tools

Conclusion of the program 'Fundamentals of Governance in Hospitals'
With the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice to improve the healthcare sector, the training program was launched based on the Guide "Principles and Guidelines for Governance in Hospitals"
e-Institute: Introduction to Principles and Guidelines for Better Governance in Hospitals
World bank Institute hosts Dr. Mostafa Hunter to share his insights on key principles for improving governance in hospitals to achieve effective and efficient delivery of healthcare services.
Launching of Principles and Guidelines for Governance in Hospitals
HeGTA and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) cordially invites to the 'Healthcare Sector Governance' Conference
Stakeholder Opinion and Feedback Roundtables
6 Stakeholder Opinion and Feedback Roundtables have been conducted in different governorates across Egypt focusing on governance in hospitals.
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