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Better Governance for Better Health: Fundamentals of Governance in Hospitals
From 11/05/2014    To: 15/06/2014
With the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice to improve the healthcare sector, "Better Governance for Better Health: Fundamentals of Governance in Hospitals" training program is launched based on the Guide "Principles and Guidelines for Governance in Hospitals" issued by HeGTA in cooperation with CIPE.
HeGTA in collaboration with Alexandria Regional Center for Women's Health and Development (ARC) launched the first 30 hr program in Alexandria.
20 hospital managers and board members participated in the program.

The scope of the program serves the understanding of the following domains based on the Guide:
1. Corporate Governance and Clinical Governance (6 hrs)
The training day enables its attendees to acknowledge the concepts of corporate and clinical governance, its relations, and differences, as well as why it matters to ensure business growth and sustainability in hospitals. Moreover, it illustrates methods and tools to reach corporate and clinical governance in hospitals.
2. Board of Directors (6 hrs)
The training session offers guidance to develop a professional and independent board and explains its ideal structure, composition and function. It highlights roles, duties and authorities of board members as well as the stakeholder representation within corporate structures.
3. Audit, Control and Risk Management (12hrs)
The training session will cover fundamentals of auditing, control and risk management. These disciplines require skills that need deep understanding and explanation wherefore two days of training are planned to offer further elaboration about technical expertise in these disciplines. Attendees are able to understand the interrelation between control, audit and risk management and its adaptation to the hospital context.
4. Hospital Sustainability and Responsibility (3hrs)
The training session underlines the concepts of responsibility and inclusiveness and explains their intersections with corporate governance. Attendees elaborate how responsible and inclusive business conduct can enhance organizational performance and the understanding of stakeholder views to corporate governance. Procedures and policies for the hospital are offered to become a responsible and sustainable organization.
5. Transperancy and Disclosure (3hrs)
The training session elaborates the importance of information flow, disclosure and transparency. Attendees understand the importance of free information flow and transparency to the functioning of a hospital, evidence-based decision making and vulnerability to corruption. It highlights disclosure and transparency tools and indicators, especially for hospitals dealing with crucial information.

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Conclusion of the program 'Fundamentals of Governance in Hospitals'
With the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice to improve the healthcare sector, the training program was launched based on the Guide "Principles and Guidelines for Governance in Hospitals"
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HeGTA and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) cordially invites to the 'Healthcare Sector Governance' Conference
Stakeholder Opinion and Feedback Roundtables
6 Stakeholder Opinion and Feedback Roundtables have been conducted in different governorates across Egypt focusing on governance in hospitals.
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