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Health represents the real wealth of any community and a definite measure for social and economic development. Healthcare faces major challenges arising from the complexity of the provision process and its extreme sensitivity to adverse outcomes. Currently, many regional and international health systems have suffered from various ailments which warranted a strong need for major reform. Substantial efforts were directed towards this reform yet results were very disappointing to consumers and other stakeholders. A fundamental cause for these suboptimal results is lack of governance and transparency in the sector.

Absence or inadequacy of governance and transparency has not only hindered the overall performance of healthcare industry but also deprived the sector from valuable investment opportunities deemed critical for its sustainability and growth.

Strong governance and transparency help guarantee free flow of information between various stakeholders.
This flow of information is critical for:
• enforcing accountability
• mitigating vulnerability to corruption
• eliminating resource duplication
• reducing waste
• achieving maximum utilization of core competencies

Thus, transparent and properly governed healthcare organizations with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and segregated duties should achieve high levels of efficiency and performance that can meet the demands of today’s consumers and other stakeholders. Such organizations will also boost their ability to attract potential investments. Clearly, improving performance and drawing in new investments should have a major positive impact on the reform of the healthcare sector. Finally, the resulting free flow of information can fuel the growth of other related industries that can benefit from the availability of this valuable information.

Based on the above analysis, we have decided to establish the “Healthcare Governance and Transparency Association (HeGTA), registered under 4267 Ministry of Social Affairs, Egypt.
Conclusion of the program 'Fundamentals of Governance in Hospitals'
With the aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice to improve the healthcare sector, the training program was launched based on the Guide "Principles and Guidelines for Governance in Hospitals"
e-Institute: Introduction to Principles and Guidelines for Better Governance in Hospitals
World bank Institute hosts Dr. Mostafa Hunter to share his insights on key principles for improving governance in hospitals to achieve effective and efficient delivery of healthcare services.
Launching of Principles and Guidelines for Governance in Hospitals
HeGTA and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) cordially invites to the 'Healthcare Sector Governance' Conference
Stakeholder Opinion and Feedback Roundtables
6 Stakeholder Opinion and Feedback Roundtables have been conducted in different governorates across Egypt focusing on governance in hospitals.
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